Praxis für Chirurgie und Orthopädie Lesum

Outpatient clinic for general and orthopaedic surgery, tramatology hand and foot surgery

Dr. med. Tammo Onken - Dr. med. Eberhard Thoma - Bastian Vogelsberger

Charlotte-Wolff-Allee 7 - 28717 Bremen

Fon 0421 / 95 899 299 - Fax 0421 / 95 899 289



Call back service for appointments

Dear patients,

to make an appointment in our outpatient clinic please use the telephone number


0421  -  95 899 299

If you can not reach us by telephone during office hours you can use this form.

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Important information about the callback:


As a rule we will call back the next working day between 8:00 to 16:00.

We can not guarantee a recall at a time specified by you.

All data are transmitted unencrypted.

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